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vive la dictature!

vive la dictature!
la dictature*h + la dictature*m = la dictature (h+m)
Das Distributivgesetz
phase: 1
la dictature  h+m  histoire  KAF  
This is a short summary in English. A more detailed but still very incomplete documentation is only in German (yet). I apologize.

"Vive la dictature" is what the artist Ifuz Net calls a grand 'X', a form of interaction, exhibition, play, and game all in one, depending on from which view you want to describe it.

It has has basic plot which serves as the story background. (see below)
It has a director and author (Ifuz Net).
It has samples, elements, metaphors with which the director inspires participating artists ('questions'), who return 'results' ('answers').
Samples can be artworks, forms, colors, installations, and even abstractions, also (new) techniques.
Results are anything: Videos, Pictures, Clothes, Designs, even a new profession and a university seminar.
They  are presented in the exhibition, they flow back and change the plot, and they might even serve as new samples again.

The basic plot is as follows:
With clever strategies, business tricks, and  fusions, a big fashion trust has conquered a monopoly like position.
Whenever a designer has a new idea, it will quickly adapt it, and by its power, be able to produce it for worldwide buyers, and - with lower costs than potential new competition.
With few prospective perspectives and while this company has nearly all forms from all periods to offer, there aren't many adventurous designers around.
h+m, as it is called (in an accidental resemblance to the real existing company H&M), is also determining the cognition and being of its custumors, and it wants to be everybody its custumors.
Everybody should be thinking about the offered forms and colours all day long. Do I want blue or yellow?  The plain or the chequered one? Mini skirt or jeans? Browse Myspace or Youtube?
Employed with decisions of choice, with offered roles, people will have little motivation or the idea at all, to question the configuration of their world by the big company.
h+m puts it another way: they will not have any evil thoughts anymore.
Still there is a group of young people, who mistrust the idea of their thoughts being dictated by a company and who fear the loss of creativity in long term when it is run by a monopoly.
They want try different forms of resistance to destabilize the powerful system. But what?